July 23, 2019 Headliner: Posterchild

Opener: Coming Soon

Headliner: Posterchild

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

We are all Posterchildren for something but Posterchild the Band, is on a Move or cause to help people have a good time to create and play music that makes you want to rock, sing, and have a great time. We create a groove for D-a-n-c-e-a-b-i-l-i-t-y and turn the event we are playing into a Concert Dance, Party Bash!

Posterchild is one of Northern California Premier Concert, Party, Dance Bands. Five guys who get a kick out of performing licks that make you say, “Man that’s right I FREAKING LOVE this song!” Blending a wide mix of musical backgrounds, from the 80’s to current Pop hits. We are always adding new songs to the shows. From rock to reggae, alternative, new wave to funk, a posterchild show is absolutely positively guaranteed to make you dance, sing, play air guitar and make you wanting more and looking forward to the next Posterchild Show.

Posterchild the band is also the posterchild for playing it live and keeping it real! What we mean by playing it live or keeping it real is. We are not a gimmick band or a Karaoke Band, we actually play our instruments live, and sing without dubbing in vocals, playing to click tracks or synthesized keyboards or other sounds like most of the tribute bands or other gimmick cover bands do.