June 11, 2019 Headliner: Rhythm Vandals – Santana Tribute

Opener: Coming Soon

Headliner: Rhythm Vandals Santana Tribute 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

The timeless music of Carlos Santana has helped shape the sound or rock and latin music since the late 60s.  The Rhythm Vandals “Tribute to Santana” is a fiery tribute to the classic Santana sound, with a set list that plays like a Greatest Hits” CD!  From searing guitar solos, to smooth vocals and the rhythmic beat of the congas, timbales and drums, you’ll hear everything from “Black Magic Woman” to  “Jingo”, “She’s Not There”, “Smooth” and much more!

Lead guitarist Michael Hernandez and lead vocalist/bass player Steve Garland grew up in the bay area during Santana’s rise to fame, and both became musicians during the late 60s and early 70s, becoming  a part of the San Francisco rock music scene. They’ve always been inspired by the music of Carlos Santana, and have worked over the years to recreate the Santana signature sound on guitar, and the vocals that combine to bring the Sound of Santana to life. It’s a high energy show that pays tribute to their latin heritage and Santana. 

The Rhythm Vandals Tribute to Santana also features several talented, well known Sacramento musicians including  Gil Herrera, Greg Burch on Drums, Dominic Garcia on Timbales, Selwyn Jones on Congas, Dave Schuler, Dag Gano on Keyboards Lare Garcia on Guitar, and  Victor Aguila on Timbales, along with “big show” additions Danny Kurychak on Guitar,  featured singer Cheryl Kurychak, and for 2019 various guests artists in the RV Horn Section , run by Ron Davis.