May 29, 2018 Opener: Life in the Fast Lane, Headliner: Bad Moon Rising CCR Tribute

Opener: Life In the Fast Lane, A Tribute to the Eagles

“LIFE IN THE FAST LANE” brilliantly re-creates the harmonic sounds of the legendary Eagles. Blending 5 part harmonies and 3 guitars, HEARTACHE TONIGHT tightly executes the magical compositions of such songs as Best of My Love, Witchy Woman, Lyin Eyes, The Long Run, and the exquisitely layered “Hotel California.” Performed with enthusiasm, style and conviction, this production is truly the most authentic Eagles tribute yet!

Headliner: Bad Moon Rising CCR Tribute 7:30 pm

BAD MOON RISING, without a doubt, captures the southern creole sounds of CCR (Creedence Clearwater Revival). Vocalist Brian Eldredge emulates John Fogerty with such extraordinary respect and attention to detail, that many have mistaken him for John himself.

With show stopping performances, from Born on Bayou to Midnight Special, BAD MOON RISING captures the spirit that is “CCR.” Whether you’re a fan of rock, country folk, or rhythm & blues, CCR had it all and “BAD MOON RISING” delivers!